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2008, in Film: The Moviebarn top 12

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” For you lot, Christmas and New Year offer a chance to eat lots, stock up on gadgets and DVDs for the next year, and generally hang out. For people who spend their time talking about anything in particular, it can be a bit of a pain. That’s because you, the public, expect/demand, an end-of-year review list rundown top 100 bonanza. But just to be a bit contrary, I won’t give you a simple run-through of the top films of the year. Instead, we’re on a trip back in time, to the land called 2008, to look at A YEAR IN FILM!!! This one, that hasn’t even finished yet… Continue reading


Iron Man: Review

Tony Stark is a billionaire weapons manufacturer. The charismatic womanising kind of weapons manufacturer you only get in the movies. He’s on a trip to Afghanistan when terrorist-type people kidnap him. They want him to build them a big rocket. But instead, he builds an Iron suit. As you do. And explosions, double-crosses and general blockbuster fun follow. Continue reading