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Cashback: Review

Sometimes it’s better to quit while you’re ahead. If you’re Sean Ellis, director of Cashback, then you could’ve done with doing just that.

Cashback started out as an award-winning short film, and everybody loved it. The feature-length version is a different story. It centres on Ben, an art student who becomes an insomniac after his girlfriend leaves him. So he takes a job working nights in Sainsburys. As you do.

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Iron Man: Review

Tony Stark is a billionaire weapons manufacturer. The charismatic womanising kind of weapons manufacturer you only get in the movies. He’s on a trip to Afghanistan when terrorist-type people kidnap him. They want him to build them a big rocket. But instead, he builds an Iron suit. As you do. And explosions, double-crosses and general blockbuster fun follow. Continue reading

Street Kings: Review

The fuzz. The pigs. The rozzers. The police get a bad rap in popular culture, and Street Kings, the new movie from the screenwriter of Training Day, doesn’t exactly make things better for them. Keanu Reeves plays Tom Ludlow, the best gun in his special police squad. OK, so he likes killing people, drinking on the job and being a bit racist, but who doesn’t? When his ex-partner is gunned down, and he’s put in the frame, rumblings of snitching, double-crosses, and generally unsavoury behaviour come out.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Review

Picture this scenario. You’re the long-term squeeze of a successful TV actress, one Sarah Marshall. After 5 years together she ups and leaves you for another hairier and more virile man. What do you do?

Well, if you’re Peter Bretter, you weep. Uncontrollably. For a good few days. Then you dust yourself off, take a holiday, and head to Hawaii. Continue reading

In Bruges: Review

One of these men can’t act. Read on to find out which… (Photo copyright of Focus Features/Film4)

In Bruges sees Ray and Ken, a pair of Irish hitmen hiding out after a botched job. They head to the misspelt Belgian town, and await further instructions from ‘the boss’. There are women, midgets, guns, swearing and more than a few suspect jokes. Continue reading

Earth: DVD Review

If there’s one sure sign of a production’s visual quality, it’s the words ‘BBC Natural History Unit’. The kings of the nature documentary, they go wherever they have to and wait as long as it takes to get shots of animals frolicking about. Earth is the unit’s second foray into feature-length documentaries, and the companion piece to David Attenborough’s Planet Earth. Continue reading

Horton Hears a Who: Review

As I’ve said before on this blog, Hollywood’s previous dealings with the work of Dr Seuss have been akin to pressing a large red button marked ‘SELF DESTRUCT’. If you took the last 2 Seuss films as gospel, then the fair Doctor wanted to scare the pants off kids, with really creepy characters that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of the League of Gentlemen. Continue reading