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Background Watching #1: For Your Consideration


Background Watching is a new feature on The Moviebarn, where I recommend films you’ve already seen in order to discuss events that you may or may not be interested in. Enjoy!

Awards season is a wild time, a time when a picture ain’t a picture unless it has historical, political or religious heft, and the time when the mythical ‘Day-Lewis’ rises from its slumber to present another character built on an unhealthy desire to ‘live the part’. If there’s one film to watch before Oscar night to get you in the mood, it’s Christopher Guest’s 2006 comedy, For Your Consideration.  Continue reading


The Moviebarn Awards #3 – Dude, where’s my everything?

Yes, it’s another Moviebarn Award. This time it’s for the best explosion in a motion picture. Take your pick from the following;

a) Fireball, with screams

b) Fireball with screams, with post-apocalyptic overtones and too much detail for lunchtime

c) “It’s a bahmb…”

Genre in 60 Seconds, No. #1: The Mockumentary

Here’s another chance to listen to my minute of mockumentary chat, backed by the Countdown theme.

Continue reading

Send in the Cows…

So it’s one week until The Moviebarn hits the airwaves. I make-d a poster and everything…

Tell your friends. Make them listen. Fridays, 2:30-4:00, freshair.org.uk

If a cow dressed as Willy Wonka doesn’t capture the imagination, I don’t know what will.