Genre in 60 Seconds

Genre in 60 Seconds, aside from being a horrific piece of punning, is a feature on The Moviebarn where I attempt to condense an entire area of cinema into one minute, on live radio. As you can imagine, results do vary. Download them onto your computer so if anyone ever says, ‘Johnson, give me a minute on the role of the cockney in modern cinema’, then you’re well prepared…

(Right-click and save-as)

The Oscars – 2009 Best Picture nominees…in 60 Seconds

Genre in 60 Seconds – Robots

Genre in 60 Seconds – The Animal Horror

Genre in 60 Seconds – The Cockney Gangster Movie

Genre in 60 Seconds: The Mockumentary

Bond in 60 Seconds

Indiana Jones… in 60 Seconds