Background Watching #1: For Your Consideration


Background Watching is a new feature on The Moviebarn, where I recommend films you’ve already seen in order to discuss events that you may or may not be interested in. Enjoy!

Awards season is a wild time, a time when a picture ain’t a picture unless it has historical, political or religious heft, and the time when the mythical ‘Day-Lewis’ rises from its slumber to present another character built on an unhealthy desire to ‘live the part’. If there’s one film to watch before Oscar night to get you in the mood, it’s Christopher Guest’s 2006 comedy, For Your Consideration. 

For Your Consideration tells the tale of ‘Home For Purim’, a ‘1930’s-style melodrama about an estranged Southern family coming together for the Jewish holiday that isn’t Hannukah. When a member of the crew mentions in passing that a movie blog has tipped star Marilyn Hack for Oscar success, the cast, crew, agents and PR team all slowly lose their minds, overcome by the possibility of maybe being on a shortlist to win an award. However, these guys aren’t the smartest bunch to begin with, as this clip of unit publicist Corey Taft will testify…

 Semi-improvised by a brilliant ensemble cast that’s basically the group from ‘Best In Show’ PLUS Ricky Gervais, the film is full of brilliant scenarios and cracking dialogue – from the studio security guard who believes that Hack ‘was in that movie where you – BANG – punched that kid in the face’ to ageing star Victor Allen Miller making a living dressing as a kosher hot dog, to this, director Jay Berman giving some incomprehensible stage direction to his beleagured cast…

For Your Consideration is a brilliant satire on Hollywood’s completely ridiculous nature, and required viewing before the five-hour backslapping sesh that is the Academy Awards.


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