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The Moviebarn Awards #4 – Original and Best…

Back in the day, the monsters in movies may have looked a bit shambolic. That’s it. I’m not going anywhere else with this, they looked ridiculous. But they did have a certain charm, and that’s what today’s Moviebarn Award celebrates – Which of these classic old-school monsters is your favourite? Continue reading


The Moviebarn Awards #3 – Dude, where’s my everything?

Yes, it’s another Moviebarn Award. This time it’s for the best explosion in a motion picture. Take your pick from the following;

a) Fireball, with screams

b) Fireball with screams, with post-apocalyptic overtones and too much detail for lunchtime

c) “It’s a bahmb…”

The Time Bandit #3: 5 Second Movies

In the latest of The Moviebarn’s ‘Ways to ruin an afternoon’-type series, here’s another in the vein of the Monkey-ed Movies from Week One. 5 Second Movies first started appearing on youtube courtesy of ‘themanwiththeglasses’ a couple of years ago. He may or may not have glasses. That’s not for me to know, and it’s largely besides the point. They’re just funny.

Here’s the Lion King, in5seconds…

Here’s M Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, in5seconds…

And here’s the entire Rocky saga, in about 20 seconds…

Time Bandit #2: Make your own Wall-E

Wall-E’s a lovely chap. Sweet, clever, and more than a little nerdy. Admit it. You want one.

Well, no need to empty your pockets at the Disney store. You can make one.

Get the instructions here. Enjoy. And remember kids, don’t run with scissors.

The Moviebarn Awards #2 – the Many Faces of the Seagal

Steven Seagal, fighting man. Steven Seagal, amateur philosopher and minor religious deity. Steven Seagal, lame AOR singer. You pick your favourite, and email