Good Song/Bad Movie – The Matrix: Reloaded/Deftones

The Matrix: Reloaded should be seen by all who haven’t yet seen it. Not because it’s good, of course, but as an abject lesson in the following; disappointment, confusion, incredulity, anger, and the best way to go about pissing a decent idea up the wall.

Long before the Wachowski Brothers stepped aboard the train for Scrapheap-ville, they created a truly brilliant film about a world, eerily similar to ours, that was run by machines, without anyone really any the wiser. The Matrix wrapped itself up nicely, with Neo truly understanding the Matrix, and realising that in a world where believing is everything, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. He flies off, Rage come on, lights come up, everyone’s happy.

Sadly, what followed was a mixture of over-cooked embarassment and straight-up cinematic disaster. The problem was that The Matrix was so perfectly rounded – unlike so many blockbusters it had a clear beginning, middle, and end, and told its story satisfactorily. So where to go with the sequels?

A raft of new characters were introduced, none of whom seemed to have anything to do with the original story. A little Chinese man with some magic keys? A Colonel Sanders look-a-like who runs the show from an all-white room? A whole town deep underground filled with people who’ve been unplugged? What? WHAT?!?!?!

No story left to go through, of course, so we’ll have some preposterous action that completely bends the rules of sanity, but seeing as there’s no story we won’t bother writing a script. Yeah!

The soundtrakc is largely the same. Having used up a lot of their options in terms of techno-rock, you get Linkin Park (eww), Marilyn Manson (eww), and P.O.D. (ewwww). Still, Deftones are good, and they make a second Matrix-soundtracking appearance, with Lucky You, which is a very nice song.


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