Movie News: Stalking, heaven, and Wall-E-Watch – Week 2

“Oi, put that cloud over there or I’ll lay some Jackson on you…”

Here’s another run-down of movie related news, complete with the Moviebarn’s trademark sar-ma-casm. Check it out…

“Leave me alone”, said Uma as the crazy man chased her…

Uma Thurman is in court giving the 411 on her stalker, one Jack Jordan. Allegedly he did the following (oh, and there’s a Moviebarn comment on each item);

  • Sent her a picture of a razorblade next to an open grave (WTF! This guy’s mental. Also, razorblade? Come on. That’s just silly)
  • Said that his hand should be “on her at all times” (That’s never going to be a good thing to say. At what point did he think that was gonna get him some Thurman-tail?)
  • and Told Thurman’s parents that he would kill himself if he couldn’t see her (which is an odd one, because that doesn’t act as a threat. “I’m mental, I’ll kill myself, thus leaving you alone, if you don’t let me harrass you.”)

Read the full story here. And just hope you never get famous.

“Y’know what? Take your Heaven and shove it up your…”

The film version of the controversial book The Lovely Bones has hit the skids.
The problems in the girl-gets-horribly-killed-then-watches-from-heaven tale stem around Heaven. And what it looks like. I’d have guessed that you’d just paint everything white, throw a few boys with harps in and some nice fluffy things. Bish-bash-bosh. Sadly it seems that Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson has had a bit of a run in with his art director, and now they’ve downed tools.

Read the whole thing here.


Wall-E. Pixar’s latest project. A film about the last robot on Earth. Who makes a noise like R2D2’s little brother. He’s so cool! Anyway, back to work…

Here he is on a San Francisco tram. Edinburgh trams MUST have Pixar characters on them. Decided.

You can get yourself a Wall-E robot. It has motion sensors, a remote to programme it with, and it plays MP3s (?). Read more about it here.

And finally, there’s a new Wall-E short. Hula hooping! Yeah!


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