Monthly Archives: May 2008

Good Song/Bad Movie – The Matrix: Reloaded/Deftones

The Matrix: Reloaded should be seen by all who haven’t yet seen it. Not because it’s good, of course, but as an abject lesson in the following; disappointment, confusion, incredulity, anger, and the best way to go about pissing a decent idea up the wall. Continue reading


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Review

Yes, everyone’s favourite fedora-wearing professor is back on the block. A mere 19 years after The Last Crusade, Spielberg and Lucas have brought one of cinema’s greatest icons out of cold storage, and thrown him into the start of the Cold War. And the good news is they haven’t done a terrible job.

Continue reading

Speed Racer – Whaaaaaat?

To be honest, it’s all gone a bit wrong for the Wachowski Brothers’ adaptation of the 60s animation. I’ve been doing the reading catching the buzz, and managed to watch the vast majority of the film, albeit in little bits. Now it’s time for a post-mortem. Continue reading

Good Song/Bad Movie – The Virgin Suicides/Air

Ever have one of those days where nothing much happens? You go to work, university, out for some shopping, whatever it is you’re doing, you get the stuff done, but it all just drifts by. Little of note takes place. Sofia Coppola’s adaptation of The Virgin Suicides is the cinematic equivalent of just such a day. Continue reading

Good Song/Bad Movie – Romeo and Juliet/The Cardigans

Ever tried to use a translator website? BabelFish? Google Translate? When you put your English phrases in, and click the ‘French’ button, what comes out isn’t French. It’s nonsense. And that same phenomenon cripples Baz Luhrmann’s William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet. Continue reading

Edinburgh Film Festival: Day-by-day guide… PART ONE

Film festivals, like any kind of festival, tend to have lots of things going on in a not-very-long period of time. This can lead to confusion and anger when scanning the programme and finding that the thing you wanted to see is on at the same time as the other thing and that the third thing has already been on and you missed it and AAAGH!

As such, a plan is required. Best way to break it down is to go through, from the 18th to the 28th, and pick one thing each day to go and see, with the pros and cons honestly weighed up for your perusal. Because let’s face it, unless you’re a journalist, an aristocrat, or the kind of person who REALLY plans ahead, you won’t have the time, money, or sheer determination to fire into all the films at the festival. So here we go, the Moviebarn guide to the Edinburgh Film Festival… Continue reading

Good Song/Bad Movie: The Breakfast Club/Simple Minds

The Breakfast Club is one of those movies that’s held up as a ‘cult classic’. The birthplace of the modern teen movie. A witty and emotional treatise on being a young ‘un.

But no. Actually, it’s a dull, unfunny, and self-worthy film about a group of high school students who you would not tire of slapping. Continue reading