Rambo: Review


Originally published in The Skinny, a free magazine distributed in Edinburgh and Glasgow.


One response to “Rambo: Review

  1. David Sodergren

    Curious. You ridicule the film for leaden dialogue, opening hour of exposition and not making the army’s motives clear, yet profess a love for Rambo 2 and 3, both of which are equally guilty of the above crimes. For me, Rambo failed due to a lack of focus on Rambo himself, and the fact that literally anybody could have gotten behind a big gun and shot everyone. Where was the jungle smarts displayed in part 1, the exploding arrows from part 2 or the outrageous game of chicken between a tank and a helicopter in part 3? If anything, the failure of Rambo rather bizarrely stems from an attempt to make it TOO realistic. Whouldathunkit?

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