In a nutshell…

This is movie news. But done pretty quickly, so as not to waste anyone’s time. A plan…

Semi-Pro failed to hit the top spot at the UK box office this week, taking just over 3/4 of a million quid. Which, although the US takings were lower than projected, is still a surprise, given the paucity of the competition, with only The Bank Job to contend with. Jason Statham 1, Will Ferrell 0. Read More…

You wait ages for a Bob Marley biopic, then two come along at once. Martin Scorcese’s flick with Bob’s son Ziggy has had its thunder properly stolen by the Weinstein’s, who have bought the rights to Rita Marley’s book No Woman No Cry. Odds on the Weinsteins releasing both films back-to-back? Anyone? Read More…

Speaking of biopics of tortured geniii, Paramount is developing a movie based on the life of singing walrus/talent show contestant Paul Potts, according to Variety. Cowell says “(Paramount) got that it’s another ‘Billy Elliot,’ a story anyone in the world can understand”. No need for a joke, is there? Read More…


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